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The Zetros BlueTec 3/5

High transport capacity,
high cost-effectiveness

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros in agro-logistics

Confident off-road, unbeatable on the road: the Zetros is ideally equipped for the requirements of agricultural harvesting processes with increasingly long transport distances. Thanks to excellent off-road capabilities and the roadgoing attributes of a truck, the Zetros performs its agricultural transport duties rapidly, reliably and above all very economically.

Transport capacity

Low operating costs, a low fuel consumption and a high load capacity reduce transport costs. Easy and rapid changes of semitrailer also make the Zetros extremely versatile - e.g. for carrying silage and harvested produce, as a liquid manure tanker or with a manuring spray or spreader body. The gross combination weight is 40 t.

Off-road capabilities

The Zetros is ideally equipped for operations on rough terrain. This is ensured by its superior off-road concept, which meets even the toughest ground-covering requirements. The outstanding combination of efficient suspension components with an automatic transmission ensures fast, relaxed driving and safe progress on rough surfaces. Its superior traction characteristics and low vibration stresses on the driver and co-driver make for maximum mobility.


The Zetros can take great punishment. Robustness and reliability are the top priorities for tasks in extreme conditions. Whether crossing water, mud or rubble, in the heat or in minus temperatures - the Zetros is just the right choice for them all.


Less money per kilometre - the job-matched powertrain configurations of the Zetros ensure cost-effective operation. A low fuel consumption is ensured by the reliable Euro 5 engines and SCR diesel technology.